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Anonymous: Le bois Etoilé, Somme ca. 1917

Image of Anonymous: Le bois Etoilé, Somme ca. 1917

A touching snapshot.

About the 'Bois Etoilé':
The first attack occurred on September 24, 1914, it was partially blocked by the 75th Infantry Regiment at Etoilé woods near to Herleville.
The front was stabilized for two years until September 1916. The spearhead attack of September 4, 1916 at edge of Vermandovillers’ Etoilé woods, was assigned to the 132nd Division(10th Army), against heavily concreted machine guns bunkers, organized by the Germans for nearly 2 years.
The so-called battle of Vermandovillers ended on September 9, 1916 for lack of troops. The 158th, the 366th Infantry Regiment and the 1st Battalion Chasseurs showed exemplary conduct and suffered heavy losses.

The citrate pint has lost some contrast. Titled and dated 'Janvier 1917' on the verso.