Bazar Nadar


Bazar Nadar is an online gallery specializing in early vintage photography. Founded by Wouter Lambrechts, teacher of photographic history at the university college KdG in Antwerp, Belgium and collector. Every item is an interesting piece of photographic history. Carefully picked out because of it's quality, history or fascinating story. 

There is a wide range of topics and techniques available from well known pioneers and anonymous masters in the field of photography. 

We have the following photographers in our collection: Roger Fenton, Disdéri, E. Atget, Julia Margaret Cameron, Durandelle, Victor and Alphonse Plumier, E. Baldus, Barboni, Charles Nègre, B. Leba, E.S. Hayden, Richebourg, Levasseur, Nadar, E. Lamy, A. Gardner, Maull & Polyblank, Gustave de Beaucorps, Bisson frères, Willy Kessels, Laure Albin Guillot, Oscar Rejlander, Waléry, Vaillat, frères Brand, Sabatier-Blot, Hill & Adamson, Saunderson, Zangaki, E. Appert, frères Varin, Bonfils, A. L. Bonnard, Pierre Petit, A. Liebert, Mike Disfarmer, Riebicke, Le Querrec, Henri Oltramare, Charles Marville, ... 

We try to offer you also 'matching prints'. Photographs with a link to each other. Positive and negative of the same image, a matching copy, photograph with an engraving or a series of prints. 

New items will be added every week on the opening page of Bazar Nadar. Find our back catalogue in 'Collections' or use the 'Search' button.

Looking for something specific? Want to sell your vintage photographs through Bazar Nadar? Please contact us. 

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