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Alexander Gardner: (stereoview #274), The Horrors of War

Image of Alexander Gardner: (stereoview #274), The Horrors of War

Alexander Gardner (#274), The Horrors of War, published by Taylor & Huntington. A photograph from the famous Civil War battle, Gettysburg.

A Union soldier killed by a shell at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.

Fascinating detail: a print of the same photograph in the Library of Congress says it's a Confederate soldier who was killed by a shell at the battle of Gettysburg.
A photograph too gruesome to include in Gardner's Photographic Sketch book of the War. Although this post mortem was sold as a 3D photograph...

The card and albumen print are in good condition. Some normal discoloration.
ca. 18 cm X 10 cm

Literature: This stereograph is also described in the magazine 'History of Photography', August 2012 in an article by Emily Godbey. (see last picture as reference only)

Provenance: collection J. Kraus.