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Sabatier-Blot: daguerreotype portrait of Elisabeth Blaize, ca. 1845.

Image of Sabatier-Blot: daguerreotype portrait of Elisabeth Blaize, ca. 1845.

A very early daguerreotype portrait of Elisabeth Blaize. The portrait is made by Jean-Baptiste Sabatier (1801-1881).
As a miniature painter he was an early adopter of the new photographic medium.

He signed this daguerreotype in fountain pen as 'Sabatier', not yet 'Sabatier-Blot. The address is the one of the earliest known of this photographer, Palais-Royal 137 (see Anne McCauley, Industrial Madness, 1994). The studio location given on mat is known for Sabatier-Blot from 1844 to 1848. Sabatier started his activities as early as 1841 and made one of the rare portraits of his friend Louis Daguerre (1844) He was a founding member of the S.F.P. in 1854.

The name of the woman is written in pencil on the back in a later hand (Elisabeth Blaize epouse de ... de Villers _ et mère de Mme de Latour). We do believe this is the same sitter (or a close relative) as the 'unknown' woman in another portrait Sabatier made together with his daughter (see last picture for reference). This reference portrait is part of the George Eastman House collection.

4th plate daguerreotype in original pitchpine frame with signed paper mat.
ca. 1845.

The blue colour is typical for early, 'primitive' daguerreotypes. The original glass is still present but has some 'glass tears' (glass corrosion). Unopened original seals.

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