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Paul Richer: "Nu masculin, vu de profil", ca. 1890

Image of Paul Richer: "Nu masculin, vu de profil", ca. 1890

This albumen print comes from a series made by Paul Richer (Chartres 1849 - Paris 1933). He was a French anatomist, physiologist, sculptor and anatomical artist and worked at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Together with Albert Londe he made about 400 chronophotographs of people in motion, which he reproduced in his publication "Physiologie artistique de l'homme en mouvement", 1895.
This male nude is part of a photographic study Richer made for the plaster sculpture "Écorché Vivant, 1906". Paul Richer made several photographs with the same model, probably an athlete.

Nice detail is the headstand on the right. And of course the beautiful light in the background from the skylight studio.

The albumen print is is good condition, with a beautiful and rich brown color. Mounted on the original cardboard.

print ca. 19,9 x 12,2 cm

Philippe Comar: Figures du corps, Une leçon d'anatomie à l'école des beaux-arts, 2008 (page 359, catalogue nr. 275)

Michel Poivert: 'Variété et vérité du corps humain, L'esthétique de Paul Richer. Essay published in: L'Art du Nu au XIXe siècle, le photographe et son modèle, Hazan 1997