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Anonymous: "Sunshine Bakery" at Top Hat camp, Antwerp ca. 1945

Image of Anonymous: "Sunshine Bakery" at Top Hat camp, Antwerp ca. 1945

A very rare WWII photograph from Antwerp!

The group of women, men and soldiers is posing before a barrack called 'Sunshine Bakery'. A large cartoon baker is painted under the namen and above the door.

Dated in fountain pen on the verso: 10 November 1945
Mat silver gratin print ca. 12,4 x 17,4 cm in very good condition.

The official name of the camp was 'Headquarters, United States Staging Area, Antwerp, Belgium, APO 562' but nicknamed Tophat by the US soldiers.
It was a huge tent city set up to process American troops who were either going back to the States or to the Pacific Theater of Operations.
This camp was build with the help of German POW's. There was a cinema, barber, ice cream bar, poker clubs, the Red Cross post, ... and a bakery.

Last picture is for reference only.
It shows another barrack, from the Red Cross, with the same fence in front and 'Christmas trees' as seen in this example.