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Adolphe Braun: Waterloo, la Ferme de la Haie Sainte, ca. 1864

Image of Adolphe Braun: Waterloo, la Ferme de la Haie Sainte, ca. 1864

An albumen print after a collodion glass negative by Adolphe Braun et Cie (N° 269). It's one of the several landscapes he published about the battlefield of Waterloo. In almost all of them the same two persons appear. A guide and a visitor? A very nice composition, like most of Braun's photographs. In the background the Hannover monument is visible too.

The farm of Haye Sainte was in the centre of the battlefield during the events of 18th June 1815. The farm was defended by about 400 German and British troops during the Battle of Waterloo. They were hopelessly outnumbered by attacking French troops but held out until the late afternoon when they retired because their ammunition had run out.The capture of La Haye Sainte in the early evening then gave the French the advantage of a defensible position from which to launch a potentially decisive attack on the Allied centre. However Napoleon was too late - by this time Blücher and the Prussian army had arrived on the battlefield and the outnumbered French army was defeated. (Wikipedia)

Albumen print ca. 16 x 19 cm
Cardboard with beautiful typography
ca. 20,5 x 20,5 cm