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W. Thompson: 'Femme au Cygne', Paris ca. 1855

Image of W. Thompson: 'Femme au Cygne', Paris ca. 1855
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Warren Thompson was born in Philadelphia and started his photographic studio in Paris in 1847. The end of his photographic activities was in 1859.
Thompson was specialized in stereo daguerreotypes, portraits, 'scènes de genre' and nudes. His last address is mentioned on this daguerreotype: 22, rue Choiseul in Paris. He worked here from 1853 until 1859.

The depicted statue shows a woman together with a swan.

ca. 8 x 17,5 cm

Beautifully signed with reversed painting in the original mat.

Collections: A stereo self-portrait of W. Thompson as a hunter is in the collection of the Getty Museum. Some portrait stereos are in the BnF and the National Media Museum in Bradford.
Literature: Buerger's "French Daguerreotypes" (1989), pages 108-114.