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Vassil Ivanoff: female figure study, Paris ca. 1940

Image of Vassil Ivanoff: female figure study, Paris ca. 1940
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Vassil Ivanoff (1897 Bulgaria - 1973 Paris) was a French ceramist and photographer.

After the First World War, he became a teacher and began studying plastic art, painting, drawing and theatrical decoration in Bulgaria.
Settled in France in 1922, he exercised, until 1945, several professions: house painter, painter, decorator, fabric painter and art photographer.

Around the age of 50 he discovered 'the Art of pottery' a book by the English ceramist William Lee. He then chooses to make it his profession. A prominent figure in the 20th century, he was considered the first expressionist of ceramics.
His unclassifiable sculptures, the result of assemblies of turned and cut pieces, bear witness to their monumental nature of the evolution towards plastic ceramics.

This matte silver gelatine print is a figure study of a woman. Beautiful print in overall good condition. Some little mirroring on the bottom.
Interesting pose of the dancer with a clear shadow on the wall, ca. 1940's when he worked as an art photographer in Paris.

Print ca. 18 x 13 cm
Photographer's stamp on the verso in red ink.