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Nadar: Alexandre Dumas père, ca. 1865

Image of Nadar: Alexandre Dumas père, ca. 1865

This beautiful portrait of Alexandre Dumas was taken in 1855 by Félix Nadar (Gaspard-Félix Tournachon) The original print was a large salt print . This one is the later CdV (Carte de Visite), also published by the Studio Nadar.

Although the CdV cardboard is trimmed on the bottom, the albumen print is in excellent condition. Very nice tonality.
The 'N' dry stamp is visible in the lower left corner of the portrait. Name and address (35 Boulevart [sic] des Capucines) on the back. Also 'Alex Dumas' written in an unknown hand with pencil on the verso.

The photograph captures the lively and vigorous nature of an author celebrated for such books as 'Les Trois Mousquetaires' (1844) and 'Le Comte de Monte Cristo' (1846). Nadar must have been particularly pleased with the result, as he hung a copy of this photograph in his own home. (Isobel Crombie)

Literature: this iconic portrait can be found in many books about Nadar or the early history of photography.
Adam Begley: The Great Nadar the man behind the camera, 2017.
Nadar, Les années créatrices: 1854-1860, 1994.