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Disdéri: Mgr. Dupanloup, ca. 1862

Image of Disdéri: Mgr. Dupanloup, ca. 1862

It's rather rare to see outdoor portraits by Disdéri. This one of Mgr. Dupanloup is probably taken by a member of Disdéri's staff who seated the clergyman in front of his residence and directed him te look away from the light source to a spot slightly right of the camera [McCauley, p71]. 'Disderi & Cie.' on both sides of the carte de visite.

ca. 1862 (dépôt légal)

Literature: Elizabeth Anne McCauley, A.A.E. Disderi and the Carte de Visite Portrait Photograph, 1985 (p. 73 fig. 55)