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Alexandre Louis Bonnard: Jardin des Plantes, 1880

Image of Alexandre Louis Bonnard: Jardin des Plantes, 1880

Alexandre Louis Bonnard (1832-?) named himself as a 'Photograph des Artistes'. He made photographs as inspiration for painters and sculptures.

This nice photograph depicts children playing in 'Jardin des Plantes' in Paris. On the right you can see a soldier. On the left a woman with her baby looking at the photographer. In the middle there is a a market stall visible. It's almost a snapshot. The albumen print has some discoloration and is pasted on the original cardboard.

albumen print: 19,7 x 24,8 cm
ca. 1880

Literature: more about this photographer can be found in, L'Art Du Nu au XIXe siècle, le photograph et son modèle, 1997.

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